Contemporary Ultra-Thin License Plate Picture Frames

Designer License Plate Frames is a manufacturer of premium picture license plate frames, all proudly made in the USA, unconditionally guaranteed for one-year, and legally compliant in all U.S. states. We provide a wide variety of pre-made frames, as well as custom frames at no extra charge.

Perfect For Retail Establishments, Churches, and Schools

Our contemporary license plate frames are your retail game-changer, fitting any niche with ease. With a competitive retail price, solid margins await. For schools and churches, it’s twofold – revenue and exposure. These frames don’t just sell; they market institutions on wheels, turning roads into advertising avenues. Welcome to profit and promotion, hand in hand.

Ready-to-Ship Stock Frames

Designer License Plate Frames is a leading wholesaler provider, serving retail establishments with a wide selection of high-quality stock license plate frames. Our ready-to-ship frames include U.S. state flag frames, U.S. armed forces frames, and custom frames featuring a variety of popular brands. Elevate your inventory with our diverse designs, crafted with unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail.

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These are just a sample of the full line of stock frames we offer.

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Simple Ordering & Customization Process

High Quality, Legal, and Guaranteed